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Canada Visa Process from Bangladesh

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Applying for a Canada Visitor Visa from Bangladesh

Applying for a Canada visa is easy from Bangladesh. You can either apply online or in person, the choice is yours!

To apply online, you should use the official website of Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or if you prefer to apply in person, you can do so through VFS Global located in Chittagong, Dhaka or Sylhet.

Types of visas for Canada

If you are planning on visiting Canada for tourism purposes, visiting family/friends or conducting business you must apply for a Visitor Visa which is a type of Temporary Resident Visa which will allow you to stay in Canada for up to 6 months. There are other types of visa depending on your reason for travel:

1.Parent and grandparent super visa – if you are visiting your children/grandchildren for up to 2 years

2.Transit visa – if you are connecting between 2 international flights, in less than 48 hours

If you wish to study or work, you will need a study/work permit before you apply for a visa. Further information regarding types of visa can be found on the IRCC website.

Visitor visas are issued as:

1.Single entry – you are permitted to enter Canada once

2.Multiple entry – you are permitted to enter Canada as many times as you wish

The Canada Visitor Visa Application Process

Processing times depend on where you are applying from and applications from Bangladesh take 33 days. You should bear in mind that it could take longer to process your application for the following reasons:

1.The type of visa

2.Whether the visa office needs more information/documents from you

3.Whether the application is complete upon submission

4.The time it takes for your application to be transported between visa offices

Applications received too late may not be processed in time for you to travel which would delay things! It is your responsibility to make sure this does not happen!

How to apply for a Canada visitor visa

As mentioned above, you may apply for a Canada visitor visa online or in person. Before you decide, consider the benefits if you apply online:

1.No courier fees or mail delivery time

2.Online applications may be processed more quickly

3.Avoid processing delays

4.You can submit additional documents online, if required

5.No need to submit your passport immediately

6.Get updates on the status of your application

Whether you apply online or in person, there are 4 steps which you must follow:

1.Gather documents

2.Complete the application

3.Pay the fees

4.Submit the application – either electronically (online application) or at the visa office (paper/in-person application)

How to apply for a Canada visitor visa online

Go to the website of IRCC and click on “Menu” – “Immigration and citizenship” – “Visit”:

Under “Services and information”, click on “Apply for a visitor visa”:

Click on “Apply”:

Scroll down to “How do you want to apply” and choose “Online” and click on “Get instructions”:

On the next page, there is a link for the instruction guide which will guide you through the application process. If you are happy to get started, click on “Apply for a visitor visa”:

You will have to create an account:

Then, you can sign in and begin your application:

After you have input your information, you will be asked to pay the fees and upload your documents.

How to apply for a Canada visitor visa in person

To apply in person, you will submit your application to VFS Global. There are 7 steps to follow:

1.Step 1 – Identify visa type

2.Step 2 – Begin your application

3.Step 3 – Book an appointment

4.Step 4 – Pay the fees

5.Step 5 – Visit the visa application center

6.Step 6 – Track your application

7.Step 7 – Collect your passport

Go to VFS Global’s website and where it says “Apply for a visa” click on “Start now”:

Step 1 – Identify visa type

Step 2 – Begin your application

Step 3 – Book an appointment

Step 4 – Pay the fees

How to pay the fees for your application

Click on the link which you’ll find on the visa website:

You will be directed to IRCC’s website where you can pay the fees online:

If you are unable to make online payments, you can pay the fee at the visa application center.

Step 5 – Visit the visa application center

Step 6 – Track your application

Step 7 – Collect your passport

Required documents

Whether you are applying online or in person, there is a list of required documents that you will need to submit with your visa application. There is a document checklist you can refer to. Documents include

  1. Temporary Resident Visa application form – IMM 5257 – fully completed and signed
  2. Passport – valid for at least 6 months past your trip with 2 blank pages
  3. Copies of all cancelled or expired passports, if applicable
  4. 2 photos with your name and date of birth written on the back. Read the full photo requirements. NOT REQUIRED if you are providing biometrics
  5. Proof of legal residency status in the country where you are currently living (if not your home country)
  6. Travel authorization letter (if the applicant is a minor) including parent (s) passport
  7. Visa fee

It is important to note that further documents may be required depending on where you are applying from. Applicants from Bangladesh need to submit other specific documents. To find these documents, go to the “Apply online” page and click on “Read the instruction guide”:

Go to the “Gather documents” section and click on the link for “Application for a visitor visa”:

Scroll down to “Select a country/territory” choose Bangladesh and click on “Get documents”:

It is important that you get the documents for the country you are applying from. There are different requirements for each country and if you don’t include these additional documents, your application may be rejected.

On the next page, click on “Visa office instructions – Visit (IMM 5890)”:

You will then be directed to the visa office instruction document:

The above document must be used in conjunction with the document checklist IMM 5484 and it needs to be placed on top of your application pack, so don’t forget to do this.

Read the instructions carefully! In addition to the above documents, applicants from Bangladesh must provide the following documents:

  1. Copy of birth certificate
  2. Copy of marriage certificate
  3. Details of your itinerary in Canada – provisional travel arrangements (airline and hotel booking)
  4. Proof of previous travel to Canada within the last 10 years (if applicable)
  5. VFS Consent form
  6. Proof of sufficient funds/financial support – bank statements, payslips or other proof of income such as pension income. If you are not paying for your own trip, provide a letter signed by the person paying and a copy of their passport and bank statement, describe how this person is related to you. Documents should be dated within the last 3 months
  7. Family Information form IMM 5707 – fully completed, dated and signed
  8. Visiting family/friends – letter of invitation stating purpose and duration of your trip; proof of relationship; inviter’s citizenship/immigration document
  9. Parent/Grandparent visa – invitation letter stating the number of people in the household and proof of citizenship of the person you will be staying with; proof of relationship; employer’s letter/tax returns/most recent T4 or T1; proof of medical insurance with cover for at least 1 year and $100,000 to cover hospitalization, repatriation and health care
  10. Proof of employment – letter stating company’s contact details, your position, date of hire, salary, and approval of absence. If you are self-employed – evidence of your business e.g. business registration etc
  11. If you are a student – letter from your school confirming approval of absence and when you are required to return
  12. If you are a domestic worker traveling with your employer – work permit, employer’s ID/passport, proof of employer’s business, letter stating your employer will cover all expenses and explanation of trip; itinerary showing you are traveling together
  13. If you are traveling for business/attending a conference – 2 letters: 1. employer’s letter stating approval of trip, purpose, you name, position, salary and date of hire and a statement indicating who will be paying. 2. invitation letter from the person who you will be conducting business with/attending a conference with
  14. If you are a returning student with a valid work permit – a copy of the transcript for the program in which you are enrolled; valid Canadian study permit; letter from the current school in Canada confirming your enrolment
  15. If you are a short-term, one-term or summer school student – letter of acceptance from the Canadian school showing exact fees, course start and end dates
  16. If you are a returning worker holding a valid work permit – letter from your employer in Canada confirming ongoing employment to include employer’s name and contact details, your position, salary and date of hire; copy of valid Canadian work permit; Notice of Assessment from the Canada revenue agency, statement of monies paid and pay slips for most recent year of employment in Canada
  17. If you are applying for a transit visa – Copy of your air ticket and travel itinerary. You must indicate the number of times you will be entering Canada and the dates and times for each entry and exit; a valid visa for country of final destination; a letter of invitation from the inviter in the country of destination or a letter of intent stating the purpose of your trip

It is very important to read this document carefully and get all the required documents relevant to your circumstances and why you are going to Canada.Please note, you must include a certified translation for any document that is not in English or French.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have all the required documents. Check, check and check again that you have everything that you need before submitting your application.

Please note, you must include a certified translation for any document that is not in English or French.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have all the required documents, so take care and read all the requirements before submitting your application.

If you’re planning to obtain your flight reservation for visa without paying for the ticket, all you have to do is follow the 3 simple steps below:

  1. Visit the Visa Reservation website to choose the right package
  2.  Submit the travel details and make the payment online
  3. Receive flight itinerary in email

After you submit your documents

After you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed and any of the following things could happen:

  1. The application will be returned to you without being processed if there is anything missing
  2. The visa officer may ask you to verify the information you have provided
  3. You may be asked to attend an interview

Your visa application will either be:

  1. Approved – you will receive your passport with the visa attached to one of the pages. You may collect it from the VFS office or have it returned via courier
  2. Rejected – you will receive your passport with a letter explaining why the visa was rejected

The following reasons may result in a rejected application:

  1. Human error – if could be that your application gets rejected because of an error made by the visa officer. If you know you have submitted everything and think this applies, contact the visa office and discuss the issue with them
  2. The visa officer doubts you will return to your home country after the visa expires – you are only permitted to stay in Canada as a tourist for 6 months. You must provide evidence that you will leave Canada before the visa expires. You could provide an employment contract or proof of property etc
  3. You only submitted the documents on the IRCC checklist – you must also provide the documents listed on the visa instruction document which are specific to the country you are applying from. The visa office instruction should be used as well as the IRCC checklist and it should also be placed on top of your application pack (See above)
  4. The invitation letter was not detailed enough – if you have to provide an invitation letter, it must include specific information, like the name of your inviter and/or how many people in the household where you will be staying. Refer to the document checklists to make sure you have all the required information

Contact details for VFS Global


Helpline Number: +88 09666 911 380/ +88 09606 777 888

Opening Hours

Business hoursSunday to Thursday09:00 – 17:00
Passport collectionSunday to Thursday09:00 – 17:00
Walk-in hoursSunday to Thursday09:00 – 17:00


Address: House # 38, Chamber House, 4th Floor, Agrabad, Chittagong-4100, Bangladesh


Address: 4th Floor, Delta Life Tower, Plot 37, Road 90, North Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh


Address: 7th Floor, Nirvana Inn, Mirza Jungle Road, Ramerdhigir par, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh


1. How can I apply for a Canada visa?

You can apply online at or in person at the Canada visa application centers located in Chittagong, Dhaka and Sylhet

2. How long can I stay in Canada as a visitor?

You can stay in Canada for up to 6 months

3. I am currently living in a country that I am not a citizen of. Can I still apply for a Canada visitor visa?

Yes, you can apply at the local visa application center as long as you can provide proof of your legal right to remain in the country where you are living

4. What is the difference between single entry and multiple entry?

Single entry means you are allowed to enter Canada once during the dates of visa and multiple entry means you can enter as many times as you wish before the visa expires

5. What can I do if my visa application is rejected?

There is no appeal process, but you can reapply if your situation has changed significantly or you have substantial new information to submit

6. Which type of visa do I need for Canada?

It depends on your nationality, the duration and purpose of your trip, the type of travel document you have and how you plan to travel to Canada. You can check the IRCC website (see above) to find out which type of visa you need

7. Is it easier to apply online?

There are benefits to applying online, such as avoiding processing delays and the ability to upload your documents online. See above for the full list of benefits

8. Can I hire someone to help me apply for my visa?

Yes, you can hire a representative to help you apply for a visa. For more information, you should refer to IRCC’s website

9. If my family are traveling with me, can I fill out just one application form?

No, each person must complete and sign an application form. So, if there are 4 people traveling, then 4 application forms need to be completed

10. Do I need to get a medical examination?

Generally, you will only need to provide proof of a medical examination if you are going to Canada for more than 6 months. However, if you intend to work, you must provide a medical examination even if you are going for less than 6 months


To apply for your Canada Visitor Visa online:

  1. Create an account
  2. Complete your application online
  3. Pay the fees
  4. Submit your application

If you are applying in person:

  1. Gather your documents
  2. Complete your application form
  3. Make an appointment (if biometrics are required)
  4. Pay the fee
  5. Submit your application

Then, you can start counting the days until you depart for your exciting vacation!

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