Author at —-TechAid71.xyz—- | I have profession and personal attachment with custom ERP Software development and implementation almost (36) ,also Oracle Apex is my all-time favorite platform to developed the software. Moreover i have some website development experience with WordPress. For hand on networking experience DevOps and CCNA, it create me a full package. Here are some core programming language with networking course i have been worked: Oracle SQL ,PL/SQL,Oracle 19c Database , Oracle Apex 20.1,WordPress,Asp.Net ,MS SQL ,CCNA ,Dev Ops, SAP SD


The Owner of Techaid71.xyz . My hobby learning new technology with new world.

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We also attached some work that has been done, Below the link :

Paykar : https://pykar.com.bd/

Doctor : https://www.daktardekhao.com/

Ladies Fashion : https://fytladies.com

All Fashion : https://blizzardfashion.com/

GitHub : https://github.com/shohalafz

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4DdVKXrecFoGY_R7D_RYNQ


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