How Many Core Part in SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)

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Mainly SAP SD has four part:




In Delivery has also inter company transfer.

However Sales Return is one of the crucial part of SAP SD :T-Code and Details in Sales Return:

VA01 : Create Return Sales Order Reference to Invoice

ZSOAP: Sales Order Approval

VL01N: Create Delivery with respect to Sales Order

VL01N/VL02N: Post goods reverse of the Delivery

 VF04/VF01: Create Invoice 

VF02 : Release Invoice

FBL5N: Check the customer balance

VA01: Create Sales Documents

SAP SD Delivery Process.

The delivery process in SAP SD is a vital part. Three processes will completed dealer delivery and PGI process.   


VL10A: List of Open Sales order

VL01N: Delivery Creation

MMBE: Stock Report

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