How to RMAN Backup on Oracle Database?

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•Logical-Using Export or Export Data Pump Utilities

•Physical –Using O/S copy or RMAN based backups.

How to RMAN Backup on Oracle Database

•If do RMAN backup database must be archive database log mode active.

How to check Archive Log List?

SQL> archive log list;

How to check archive database log mode?

SQL> select name ,log_mode from v$database;

How to database shut immediate and startup?

SQL> shut immediate
SQL> startup

How to check archive database log_archive parameter?

SQL> show parameter log_archive

How to check database mount or not mount?

SQL> select open_mode from v$database;

Note : Oracle Database Backup from SqlPlus.

Go to CMD and enter into the file path with .dmp

Example : C:\Users\Shohal-IT>exp Automobile/A@orclpdb File=J:\oraclebackup\test.dmp

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