IELTS Most Helpful Synonyms

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IELTS Most Helpful Synonyms

Synonyms is the most beautiful part on English word learning .Not only learning but also English speaking it is use so smoothly. Every English have multiple synonyms . Today we will discus about some most common use synonyms.

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Same word but changes the word form Example

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That help to understand the reading and listing .

Here are some of the most common Vocabulary/ Synonyms words that appear on the IELTS listening test:

  1. Accommodation – housing or lodgings
  2. Address – a location or place
  3. Arrival – the act of coming to a place
  4. Booking – the act of reserving a place or service
  5. Departure – the act of leaving a place
  6. Destination – the place where one is going or intends to go
  7. Facilities – a building or service provided for a particular purpose
  8. Fare – the price of a journey or ticket
  9. Flight – a journey by air
  10. Schedule – a plan of activities or events
  11. Ticket – a document or proof of payment for a journey or event
  12. Transportation – the act of carrying goods or people from one place to another
  13. Travel – the act of going from one place to another.

These are just a few examples of vocabulary that may be tested on the IELTS listening test. It’s important to have a wide range of vocabulary related to travel and transportation to perform well on this section of the test.

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