How do we ignore informal Language on IELTS?

How do we ignore informal Language on IELTS
Written by shohal

It’s better to ignore the informal and unofficial language on Academic IELTS.

  • Send me the report.
  • Could you send me the report?
  • I want a hamburger.
  • I would like to have a hamburger
  • I hate this song.
  • I am not very fond of this song.
  • You are wrong.
  • I think you are mistaken.
  • Your work isn’t good.
  • I am not quite satisfied with this work.
  • That’s a bad idea.
  • I am not sure that’s a good idea.
  • Tell me when you are available.
  • Let me know when you are available.
  • Give me your business card.
  • Do you mind if I take your business card?

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