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Most Common SQL*PLUS commands

Most Common SQL Command
Written by shohal

For finding the table:

Select * from Tabs; (Tabs means Table)

For describing the table:

Describe dept;(dept is table name)


Desc dept;

Set line 10 Means:

1………10 lines. line  work horizontally

Set pagesize  5 means:






After 5 lines it shows the heading. Pagesize work vertically.


(/ it is used to previous data show)


(Edit Work on notefile)



Save D:\EMP.SQL (It works to save the query on pc/desktop)

@D:\EMP.SQL ( It works for save file run)

Clear screen (it used to screen clear)

Spool D:\2021.sql (save the whole work, it runs early work)

Passw  scott(user) (For use password change)

Select * from emp where deptno=&deptno;

Enter a value for:

(& use for data)

Ed login (It saves the data on screen)

 Copy (CMD file goto property and select the quick edit mode and insert mode)

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