Writing Executable Statements

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Well, This is a short summery of Executable Statements ,I just Written.

Which section of PL SQL block contains all the executable statements?

A PL/SQL block has an executable section. An executable section starts with the keyword BEGIN and ends with the keyword END . The executable section must have a least one executable statement, even if it is the NULL statement which does nothing.


> Statements can continue over lines.
> Lexical units can be separated by :
> Spaces > Delimiters > Identifiers > Literals > Comments

PLSQL Block Syntax and Guidelines :

> Can contain up to 30 Characters.
> Cannot contain reserved words unless enclosed in double quotation marks.
> Must begin with an alphabetic character
> Should not have the same name as a database table column name.
> Characters and date literals must be enclosed in single quotation marks.
Example : v_ename := ‘Handerson’;
> Number can be simple values or scientific notation.
> A PLSQL block is terminated by a slash (/) on a line by itself.

What is Nested Blocks?

Nested Blocks are declare between inside the between block.

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