IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking
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  • Speaking being one of the four basic skills to be able to use a language properly is an important skill to master in order to do well in the IELTS exam. It is one of the four modules of the exam. So, equal importance is to be given to IELTS speaking as well. Being able to speak a language makes one more confident in the other modules as well.

    Many candidates are nervous about this module as this is a face-to-face assessment. Hence, being confident is one of the keys to doing well in the speaking test.

    Here are some tips for you to gain confidence for the speaking test:
    *Make a good first impression.
    *Weave stories out of your answers.
    *Seek clarifications where needed.
    *Learn vocabulary about particular settings.
    *Sit for mock tests.
    *Practice the latest IELTS topics.
    *Believe what you say.
    *Record yourself talking.
    *Push your comfort zone.
    *Be clear and coherent.

Learn Synonyms

Hurry   —- Hasten

Move —- Go

Get —- Obtain

Keep —- Hold

Take —- Acquire

Destroy —– Ruin

Fall —- Drop

Decide — Determine

Help —– Assist

Calm —- Peaceful

Eager   —– Keen

Fear —– Dread

Happy   —– Pleased

How to say NO politely in English

I am sorry, but I can’t

No thank you

I am sorry, but + (reason)

I would love to, but + (reason)

I wish I could, but + (reason)

I am sorry, but I can’t because + (reason)

Thank you, but + (reason)

That sounds good, but+ (reason)

Ways to say “Yes”

I’d love too!


Of course!

My thoughts exactly!

For Sure!

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