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Latest Technology in IT Industry

Latest Technology in IT Industry

Best Processors December 2020

  1. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X DirectX 12.00
  2. Intel Core i9-10900K Processor DirectX 12.00
  3. Intel Core i9-10900KF Processor DirectX 12.00
  4. Intel Core i9-10850K Processor DirectX 12.00
  5. AMD Ryzen 9 3950X

Understanding 5G – The backbone of the industrial Internet

The Journey to 5G

2G: Enabled wireless telephone calls
3G: Enabled the mobile web
4G: Enabled video streaming and apps that require sustained connectivity
5G: The post-smartphone era of mobile connectivity

The backbone of the 5G standard is comprised of low-, mid- and high-band spectrum. There are two frequencies that 5G networks can operate on: sub-6 GHz and millimeter-wave (20-60 GHz).

Carriers were already using sub-6 spectrum for existing LTE networks, and now they need more of it to build out 5G. Millimeter-wave frequency was previously unused, and the advent of 5G has given carriers access to the spectrum that will enable the faster speeds we expect with the new standard.

9 of the biggest new technologies and products from Google

  1. Robot Calling Human. The feature that got the most attention on the first day of the I/O developer show was called Duplex. …
  2. Gmail Will Write Your Emails. …
  3. A New AI Chip. …
  4. Maps Gets an AR Upgrade. …
  5. AI-Powered Pic Sharing. …
  6. A New News App. …
  7. Robot Manners. …
  8. Tackling Tech Addiction.
  9. X-Like Gestures

Robot Calling Human

The feature that got the most attention on the first day of the I/O developer show was called Duplex.

It’s part of the Google Assistant, a voice-controlled system that answers questions and performs an increasing array of tasks on command.

Gmail Will Write Your Emails

Duplex relies on AI, a type of software that learns automatically from data, rather than having to be hand-coded.

A New AI Chip

Google introduced version 3.0 of its Tensor Processor Unit, a chipset designed in-house for handling all these data-heavy AI tasks.

Maps Gets an AR Upgrade

The company introduced a Visual Positioning System, a new way for people to find their way around with Maps using their phone cameras and Google’s augmented-reality and computer-vision technology.

AI-Powered Pic Sharing

Google announced big upgrades to its Photos app, including the ability for AI algorithms to suggest who to share shots with based on who is in the picture. The system will also make editing suggestions and turn black and white photos to color.

A New News App

Google praised the importance of journalism and announced a new Google News app for Android devices, iPhones, and the web.

Robot Manners

Google said it will begin encouraging children to say “please” to the Google Assistant, to encourage better manners. Amazon announced similar functionality for Alexa a few weeks ago.

Tackling Tech Addiction

Google also wants you to use your phone less. Many tech companies are looking to free people from their devices, but Google is one of the first to show off tools.

X-Like Gestures

The latest version of Google’s mobile software, called Android P, was announced a few months ago, but Google held back a big change for Tuesday: A revamped interface that looks like the iPhone X’s new gesture-based system.

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2020

  • Unhackable internet.
  • Hyper-personalized medicine.
  • Digital money.
  • Anti-aging drugs.
  • AI-discovered molecules.
  • Satellite mega-constellations.
  • Quantum supremacy.
  • Tiny AI.

Emerging Technology Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

1) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

2) IoT

3) 5G Network

4) Prescriptive Analysis

5) Automation

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