An English Word Can be Used Instead of One

An English Word Can be Used Instead of
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Very , Strong , Sad , Confused and Happy

Very (short)-Brief

Brief Your Essay

Very (simple)-Basic

What is your basic purpose for the essay.

Very (large) -Mammoth

Your essay is too Mammoth

Very (good)-Excellent

You are excellent person.

Very (empty)- Desolate

Your essay conclusion is Desolate.

Very (rich)-Wealthy

He is a Wealthy person.

Very (quiet)-Silent

His pronunciation is too much silent.

Very (cold)- Freezing

He has too much Freezing head .

Very (bad) -Atrocious

He is a atrocious person.

Very (afraid) – Terrified

He is too Terrified person.

Very (angry) – Furious

He is a Furious person.

Very (beautiful) – Exquisite

She is so exquisite.

Very (willing) – Eager

He eager up day by day.

Very (clever) – Brilliant

He is a clever gay.

Very (valuable) – Precious

This thing is precious.

Very (smelly) – Pungent

The flower is pungent.

Very (tired) – Exhausted

He is so exhausted.

Very (creative)- Innovative

he is a innovative person.

Very (risky) – Perilous

This is Perilous work.

Very (upset) – Distraught

He is so distraught.

Strong========== Certain,Empowered,Powerful,Confident,Determined,Sure.

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