How to improve your IELTS Writing skills immediately

How to improve your IELTS Writing skills immediately
Written by shohal

10 Ways to elevate your IELTS writing

Tip 1: Stop saying “Very”

              Ignore using the word “Very”
A very important decisionA crucial decisionAn important decision
A very big houseA massive houseA big house
A very clear solutionAn obvious solutionA clear solution

Tip 2: Do not begin your sentence with “There is “, “It is”

There are two possible solutions for the government to choose from.The government should choose between two possible solutions.
It is important to introduce a new policy.Introducing a new policy is important.

Tip 3: Use Strong Verbs

He went around the world.He travelled around the world.
Get an offer from a university.Receive an offer from a university.

Tip 4: Verbs to avoid

To beTo have
To getTo go

Tip 5: Avoid phrasal verbs

Give out free timesOffer free times
Make up a new ideaCreate a new idea

Tip 6: (Don’t) Do not use contractions

Don’t, Can’t, Won’t, isn’t
Do not, Cannot, Will not , is not

Tip 7: Keep it accurate

Tip 8: Avoid word repetition  

Tip 9: At least 5 complex sentences using

Tip 10: Grammar accuracy

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